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September Window Specials! We have a custom door for you! Re-side your home with vinyl or fiber cement Protect your home with a new roofing system Beautify your home with new trim, soffit and gutters Thousands of Happy Customers!

September Window Specials!

In September: Buy 2 Windows Get 1 Free

We have a custom door for you!

Replace a door in September and get $500 OFF

Re-side your home with vinyl or fiber cement

Save 33% in September on a complete siding project

Protect your home with a new roofing system

Save $1000 in September on a complete roof replacement

Beautify your home with new trim, soffit and gutters

Check out our September siding specials

Thousands of Happy Customers!

Read our customer reviews today
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Siding and Window Restoration ProjectRestoring the Exterior of a Home in Disrepair

Is your home in a state of disrepair?  Have you, or the previous owner, neglected the outside of your home to the point of feeling like it will take a small army and cost a small fortune to get things back up to your standards?  As you will see in some of the photos below, no situation is too difficult to manage through and restoration is within reach for anyone with a bit of an imagination and a general understanding about what needs to be done. Of course, you will need some resources, but it might not be as difficult or cost as much as you might think.

Neglected Siding and Windows Can be Restored

With proper assessment and proper preparation, any bad situation can be resolved.  One of the most important aspects of a siding project is preparation.  All surfaces must be addressed prior to installation of new siding.  Typically, what you see on the outside is not as bad as you think and very rarely is there structural damage to the home.  All exterior components are fastened to the structure of the home, so most times all damaged points can be restored with ease which means a few 2x4's and some plywood.  Next time you are at your local hardware store, price out these items and you will see that they do not cost all that much.  Add a bit more for labor and your disaster area can look clean and neat once again, ready for you to put the siding up and make your home's exterior beautiful and weatherproof once again.

A Siding and Trim Case Study

Take a look at this recent project, including photos before, during and after the work was completed.  When you hire the right professional, you too can once again feel confident in the way your home looks and you can prevent the problems from occuring again in the future.


Don't Continue to Neglect the Exterior of Your Home

When you view these photos, it is clear that a home’s exterior is a series of components all of which can be restored and made to look new and presentable again.  With proper planning, some creativity, use of tried and true materials and best practices, your home can once again look inviting and well put together.  Now that you see that the work can be done, it is time to sit down with a professional and get an estimate which is the first step in the planning process.

Additional Resources

Take a look at this web page to learn more about the exterior of a home.

Take a look at this web page to see window styles and learn about what makes each one unique.

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Replacing Your Windows - Simplified

Is it time to replace your windows?If you are deciding to replace your windows, you may feel a little overwhelmed.  How do you know if your windows need to be replaced?  What kind of windows should you purchase?  There are many questions to ask yourself and you may wonder if replacing your windows is really worth all the trouble – it is.

Your Windows May Need Replacing if...

♦ Your existing windows are drafty
♦ They have single pane, non-insulated glass
♦ You notice your home is warmer in the summer and colder in the winter
♦ Your windows are 20 years or older
♦ The windows are difficult to open and close, slam down when open or won’t lock correctly
♦ Your windows are warped, rotting or peeling
♦ Your furniture, floor coverings and window treatments have begun to fade
These are all signs that your windows may not be as efficient as they should be and may need to be replaced.  Your windows play a significant role in the comfort of your home.  Replacing windows is one of the best investments you can make to cut energy costs and to enhance the appearance and value of your home.

Check Out All Your Window Options

Once you have established that your windows need replacing, the next step is to determine what window should be considered to provide you with the best price value for your investment.  Match the design of your home – double hung windows are more traditional, sliders and casements are more contemporary.  Shapes enhance the Architectural appeal, while bays, bows and garden windows increase the size and brightness of a room.

Today's Windows

Most windows today feature insulated glass units, rather than the single pane glass of the past.  Insulated glass has many benefits, including reducing condensation in the panes and keeping your home cozy throughout the seasons.  Choosing a high performance glass option will further increase your home’s comfort, and can save you money on your heating and cooling costs.

You'll Want to Select Windows Designed to Fit Your Needs

The availability of window styles is almost endless, allowing you the ability to create a distinctive look for your home.  Combine picture windows or geometric shapes with any of our window styles to invent an interesting design and create a unique focal point.  Add warmth and light to your home with a large window wall.  Create a panoramic view of the outdoors with a bay or bow window.  When space is limited, an outward swinging casement window or a slider is a modern and efficient choice.  There are a wide variety of window styles to choose from that neatly replace the old.

July Only! Save an Extra $500 on Roofing, Siding or WindowsGet an estimate in July and save an additional $500!

That's right, we want to save you more money!!!  In addition to our July special offers on roofing, siding and windows - we are prepared to give you an additional $500 off your final written estimate.  We know July is a heavy travel month with summer vacations to the beach, so find the time to squeeze in an appointment and you will reap the rewards!  Join thousands of other homeowners in the area that have put their faith in our company to give the exterior of their home a facelift.

Complete a form HERE -or- Call 866-616-7864 - Mention the SAVE BIG EVENT to receive your discount.

Some restrictions apply, but not many.  Call for details. Not valid on previously signed contracts.

Bay Windows

What Makes a Bay Window Unique?

Replacement bay windows - MD - DC - VA

Bay windows are magnificent both from the exterior and the interior of a home. Projecting outward, typically set at 30 or 45 degrees, it opens up any room if a conversion takes place. The two end windows are functional and a customer can choose between double hung (up and down operation) ends or casement ends (crank out operation). The two end windows typically flank a center picture window.

Since this extends off of your home it creates a different look and hence is worthy of its cost, which is more than that of a standard window or a three part slider (flat bay). They have an insulated seat board that can be used for additional seating or decorations. Bay windows are more angular in appearance and create great views of the outside with a large center picture window. 


Bay Window Installation - Best Practices

Proper installation begins by measuring the opening. The opening must be measured at three locations: top, middle and bottom. The measuring technician must use the smallest of these measurements to determine the Bay window installationwidth and height of the bay window. It is also critical to measure the wall thickness from the inside of the opening to the outside of the exterior materials. This information is provided to the manufacturer and is calculated into the size of the window (thickness) so that the bay window projects out the correct distance from the end of the exterior building materials. For example, if it is determined that the bay window is going to project out eighteen inches and the wall thickness is seven inches, the total project will be twenty five inches.

It is important to note that the bay window must fit into the opening plumb, level and square, even though the opening may not be any of these. The installation team is responsible for removing the old windows or unit and prepare the opening, leveling off the sill if necessary.

Once the window is plumb, level and square, the team inserts installation screws through the inside jambs. The screws should be placed 8" to 12" apart, starting 4" from the top and bottom. Offset screw locations for more support. Shims should be used to establish spacing at anchoring points and should be penetrated by the installation screw. It is important not to over tighten the screws as this could cause the frame to bow. Our team does not place screws through the head or seat board. We always recheck the sash for proper operation once the screws have been installed.

We understand that the homeowner is the final inspector. Upon completion of the installation we clean the window well and remove all debris from the job site. We make sure the homeowner is familiar with the proper operation and all features of the windows. 


Bay Window Roof - Why it is Important

All projected units require a roofing system after installation. The type and style of the roof built will depend on the unit and the architecture of the house. Once the roof is built, installers must use the proper grade of sealant and seal the entire perimeter of the unit and the roof. Note: Warranty Requirement. A roof must be built over the unit after installation. The top of the unit is not designed to prevent water penetration, as manufactured, without a roof.


Bay window roof Bay window roof with shingles installed


In many installation scenarios, the bay window can be tied into the soffit or overhang above which does not void the warranty.

Bay windows - tie to soffit



Replacement Bay Window Options

Bay windows come with many options, some that you will find in standard windows and others that are unique to bay windows only. Here are a list of options available when you purchase a bay window and have it installed by by Home Visions.Simonton Bay Windows come with insulated seat boards for added energy efficiency

•You can choose to have casement windows or double hung windows in the ends of a bay window.

Bay windows come with wood interior finishing trim that provides a seamless look and can be painted or stained to match your home’s décor.

•Bay windows include 3/4" insulating glass unit set deep into the sash reduces temperature transfer and condensation.

ProSolar® Shade is Simonton's most advanced Low E glass that helps provide maximum solar heat control, fade protection, visibility and energy savings in bay windows.

Choose from a wide selection of color, grid and style options to accomplish the look you want for your personalized bay window.

Bay windows are available with a 35- or 40-degree angle, which creates a dramatic appearance that extends a room.

Bay window seat boards are insulated for greater thermal efficiency. 


Bay Window Completed Project Gallery




Schedule an Estimate Today for a New Bay Window



Homeowners do not purchase replacement windows often so the information and choices can be overwhelming, to say the least.  Download a copy of our exclusive window report that we have put together so that you can find all of the answers in one place.  Here are some of the things you can read about when you get your free report:

Why Should You Replace Your Windows?

Energy Savings - Eliminate Exterior Maintenance - Comfort - Ease Of Glass Cleaning - Add Value to Home - Safety

What Type Of Windows Should You Buy?

Casement Windows - Double-Hung Windows - Sliding Windows - Bay Windows - Bow Windows - Shape Windows

What Type Of Glass Should You Choose For Your Windows?

Clear Glass - Low Emissivity Glass (Low-E) - Laminated Glass - Obscure Glass

Window Ratings And What Do They Mean?

Solar Heat Gain - U Values  - Visible Transmittance

What Type Of Frame Materials Should You Choose?

100% Vinyl - Wood - Aluminum - Fiberglass

How Do I Choose And Qualify The Right Window Contractor?

Experience - References - Insurance - Licensing - Warranties - Installation Standards - Installation Crews

Click here to start the process of getting your full report!

Home Visions Inc. is a Silver Preferred InstallerSilver Status Preferred Installer Pledge


1. Install Simonton products in a professional and workmanlike manner consistent with industry standards, applicable laws and building codes, and Simonton's installation instructions.

2. Represents Simonton products accurately and consistent with Simonton's product limited warranties, publications and other information available at

3. Comply with policies that Simonton implements for the installer designation program; and

4. Refrain from any conduct that might adversely affect Simonton's brand name or good will.


Key staff and window installation team attended training in Beltsville, MD


Home Visions Inc. Completed the Training in February 2015

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