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Check out our March window specials! Stop the drafts at the front door! Precision Siding Installation Roofing Replacement Beautify and Insulate with New Siding! Thousands of happy customers!

Check out our March window specials!

Free Installation with Each Window Replaced!

Stop the drafts at the front door!

$500 OFF a complete door project

Precision Siding Installation

Siding is to your home as the appropriate jacket is to your body.

Roofing Replacement

We are a reliable alternative to highly priced larger companies.

Beautify and Insulate with New Siding!

Check out our March siding specials!

Thousands of happy customers!

Read our customer reviews today
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Customer Feedback 31 Replacement Windows Northern VA

Replacement Windows Review Northern Virginia"We went through the whole song and dance that a lot of the major companies all seem to do...the long presentation, followed by the outrageous quote. Then, my wife suggested we take advantage of our current Angie's List subscription, and investigate a highly rated company from that source. That's how we found Home Visions. Our rep Tony didn't fight us when we told him specifically we didn't want the dog-and-pony show, so he got right to the point, and actually LISTENED to us when we said we needed to meet a certain price target. And as for the installation, I can't say enough about Dave Hong...the man's a real pro. I was amazed he and his crew were able to complete the job in a single day, when we were prepared to have it drag into a second day. Well done."

Roof Replacement - Customer Experience

Roof Replacement Gaithersburg, MD - Customer FeedbackEach day Home Visions Inc. sends out our professionally trained crews to complete roofing projects in the community.  Each job has a specialist on-site to coordinate the installation and answer homeowner questions and address any concerns.  We also like to gather feedback about the process through good "real-time" communication.  Here is what one recent customer had to say about his new roofing replacement experience:Roofing Replacement Gaithersburg MD - Customer Feedback

"What stands out to me is how your crew went above and beyond my expectations, by making good on accidental damage that occurred during the tear-off process. Some of the old shingles fell down onto the kitchen window, tearing the screen.  The crew chief excused himself for a little while and made a special trip over to Home Depot to purchase some replacement screen, and proceeded to perform the work personally.  You hear about the opposite happening these days, so Home Visions gets a gold star from me for going that extra mile in taking responsibility, rather than trying to hide the damage.  By the way, my new roof looks fabulous.  Now we don't need to think about it for at least 25 years, anyway."

Check out this recent siding project we completed for a homeowner in Crofton, MD. The project consisted of 700 square feet of Mastic Vinyl Siding. The style chosen was double four inch dutchlap in color English Wedgewood.  Quarter inch fanfold insulation was installed underneath the siding for added energy efficiency and the homeowner chose paneled shutters for the door and two windows.  Take a look at the before and after.  Wow!  What a difference!

Choosing Replacement Windows in MD, DC and VA has Never Been Easier!

Home Visions Inc. makes purchasing replacement windows easy in MD, DC and VA!Home Visions Inc. has been replacing windows for homeowners in our area since 2003.  We specialize in Simonton Windows because they are easy to install, they come in all shapes, styles and colors and they are the very best manufactured vinyl windows in the United States.  For example, Simonton Windows has been recognized by several well renown survey companies including Consumer Reports Magazine.  With an installation team that has been trained properly to install Simonton brand windows, we are ready to take on your home window replacement project with a high level of professionalism and expertise to satisfy and exceed the highest of expectations.

The Basics: Product Specifications, Installation and Warranty

Simonton Windows offers two distinct series of replacement windows to meet the budgetary and aesthetic needs of our customers in MD, DC and VA.  The 5050 Series window is crafted with one thing in mind - simplicity. This entry level window has a classic, clean design with a heavy duty frame and top of the line components so that it lasts a lifetime.  The 5050 Series viny window will fit well in homes that are subtle as well as in homes that are extravagant.  Most important is that when you choose the 5050 Series replacement window, you will get all of the quality that you deserve at a price point that will be easy to accept.

The 5500 series window has more to offer with a curved bevel on the interior sash, a triple sloped sill for a replicated wood look and a routed weld joint for a cleaner, more elegant finish.  The 5500 Series replacement window by Simonton also boasts their patened LapLok™ meeting rail system that is more aesthetically pleasing and provides a tight seal at the contact points.  The 5500 Series window is a bit more costly than the 5050 series, but it is still a window that gives a lot more for a slightly higher price point.  The 5500 Series windows also come with additional options such as upgraded glass packages, interior wood faux finishes and exterior color options for a unique look.

Home Visions Inc.'s lead installers have successfully completed Simonton Silver Preferred Installation training.  This highly focused training provides advanced installation and troubleshooting techniques for all types of installs.  Homeowners are nervous when it comes to hiring contractors and obtaining this level of training puts their minds at ease knowing that there is no situation in the field that they are not prepared to successfully handle so that new the new replacement windows work properly and meet and exceed energy efficiency expectations.  

Each Simonton Reflection Series window comes with a Double-Lifetime Limited Warranty that covers the vinyl, hardware, screens and insulating glass units.  The warranty is transferrable which adds yet another great selling feature to any prospective home buyer.

Care and Maintenance

All products we purchase require maintenance and replacement windows are no different.  Although each window is virtually maintenance free, there are some things that local homeowners are required to do in order to keep their new windows in good working order.  For starters, drainage systems should be kept free of debris.  Although there is very little chance that this will cause any major issues, it is important to check the windows about once per year to make sure that water can drain freely.  Another part of general upkeep is to check the movable parts annually to make sure that they are in good working order.  Any component of the window that is not working properly should be reported to Home Visions Inc. immdediately so that proper service can be administered. Cleaning the windows regularly is also important and because they are made with high quality vinyl and special modifiers, they will shine right up year after year.

Replacement Window Safety

Windows play a key role in home safety.  Fire is scary and too many children are found in places they tried to hide from fire.  Teach children that they cannot hide from fire and they must escape it.  Have a few pre-planned routes of escape and windows can be the fastest, easiest alternate ways out in the event of a burning home.  Additionally, most modern vinyl windows have child safety locks for times when windows are easily accessible to curious toddlers.  This safety mechanism still allows for you to open your windows while still keeping a safe environment for smaller children.

Frequently Asked Questions by MD, DC and VA Homeowners

Aren't all vinyl windows really about the same?

No. There are many different ways windows are manufactured and many different quality levels. Like anything else, you get what you pay for. But be careful, in relatively mild climates like ours, there are companies who will sell you windows that are OVERKILL, like triple-pane windows that are only appropriate for colder temperatures in the North. Also, there are many different types of thermal glass systems. Both contribute to the overall cost.


Will I really save energy on my heating and cooling costs?

Yes! Because of the high quality of our Simonton windows and our precise installation techniques, you are assured of energy savings. 


What happens if the thermal seal of the glass goes bad?

Every Simonton glass unit has a non-prorated lifetime warranty against seal failure.


Who will perform the actual installation of my windows?

Our own trained craftsmen will install your new windows with pride and expertise. This will ensure both a quality installation and a beautiful job every time. Our installers average over 10 years experience each.


How long does a window installation usually take?

Most jobs can be completed in one day, including clean up.


How can we finance our purchase?

We can show you several financing options that can help you get the job done within your budget.


How long will it take before my windows are ready to install?

Since your windows are custom made to fit your home, it normally takes 3 to 6 weeks, depending on how busy the factory is. We'll give you a firm time estimate at the time of purchase.


Are there advantages to vinyl over wood?

Yes, many. Our vinyl windows are all custom made for a perfect fit. Most wood windows are standard size and won't fit without a great deal of construction or carpentry work. Plus the vinyl windows are more energy efficient. Wood windows also require a tremendous amount of finish work (sanding and staining) that takes time and is expensive. Our warranty is much better (longer) than wood window warranties.


What do I have to do to prepare for the installation?

Make sure that we have a clear path to all windows and all window treatments are removed.


Should I expect any damage to my home from the installation?

No, because custom windows are made to fit and therefore we do not have to disturb the interior or exterior of the home.


How will the outside of the windows be finished?

After the new windows have been installed and the inside of the house is finished, we will go outside to each window and cover all exterior wood casing with custom fit high guage coil stock.


How long will my home be exposed to the weather?

Not very long. Each old window that we take out will be replaced and the opening will be 'weather tight' before we move on to the next window.


What kind of maintenance is needed for the new windows?

The new windows are maintenance free. The exterior of the window is vinyl and the window trim is finished with high guage coil stock. The adhesive sealant used to caulk the windows has a forty-year guarantee.


Do I have to be home for the windows to be delivered?

No. The windows will be delivered to us and we will bring them with us when we begin installation.


How does your glass breakage warranty work?

Simple. If the glass every breaks for any reason we'll replace it free of charge. Since the factory is local it will be a hassle free experience should the need arise.


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  2. You are more than just a number to us – you are the key to making our business successful!

  3. We install the very best exterior home remodeling materials and products in the market.

  4. Each of our installers are factory trained and they have all been working with us for at least two years.

  5. You can speak with the owner at any time prior to signing a contract or after.

  6. We have a very good track record in the community with over 7000 installs and no unresolved complaints.

  7. We have a quick turnaround to have your project installed.

  8. Our staff is well trained and organized and ready to provide a high level of communication.

  9. Our sales representatives are friendly and do not pressure customers into signing a contract.

  10. Our prices are affordable and we provide great value to our customers.

  11. We love what we do and we strive to be the best!

How to Compare Replacement Window Costs

The cost of replacing windows can vary greatly and there are several factors that play into the wide range of prices a homeowner might find when shopping for new replacement windows. Here are some of the biggest factors that drive replacement window pricing up and down:

Replacement window costs is MD, DC and VAMarketing and Advertising Budget

Does the company you are considering spend a lot of money on radio and television commercials? Do they hire famous personalities to endorse their products? If so, chances are the consumer will pay a premium for each window to pay for those extremely expensive campaigns.

The Manufacturer of the Window

Purchasing power plays a huge role in the cost of a replacement window. Smaller, local manufacturers will pay higher prices for vinyl, glass and other parts required to build a replacement window. Larger manufacturers are able to buy larger quantities of the required materials which drives down the cost. Additionally, look for those manufacturers that have their own extrusion process, rather than having the vinyl outsourced which drives up the cost. Finally, larger manufacturers are able to offer more options which makes it more likely for a homeowner to be able to find a window that fits their budgetary needs.Impact modifiers such as titanium dioxide drive up the cost of replacement windows.

Custom or Stock Windows

Stock sized windows are typically less expensive because they are mass produced. Most homes require custom sized replacement windows due to settling and shifting that occurs over the years. The highest quality replacement windows are custom made to order so that each window has a perfect fit for each individual opening in an older home. This does drive up the price when compared to stock sizes on the shelf at a local hardware store.

Frame Materials

A lot of companies advertise windows that are 100% pure virgin vinyl and claim the window will never fade, rust, become brittle or chip. If the first part of that statement is true, the second part is false because 100% pure virgin vinyl will fade in color and will become brittle and crack. For example have you ever purchased or seen one of those green lawn chairs that you can get at your local hardware store? Well, if you leave it out in the sun for a few years eventually it fades, gets chalky and starts to crack. Manufacturers have to add impact modifiers to the vinyl. Additives are the LIFEBLOOD to any high quality window and this will drive up the price, but it is money well spent.

Bay and bow windows drive up the cost of window replacement projects.Window Styles

Another replacement window cost driver is the style and size of the windows being replaced. For example, a double hung window that measures three feet wide by five feet tall will be less costly than a casement window that is the same size. The main reason for a variance in this example is the hardware that must be included in a casement window is more expensive than that of a double hung window. Another example is putting a flat bay window (three part slider) in an opening rather than a bay window. Bay and bow windows are built by hand and typically cost much more than a flat window that requires less material and labor to produce.

Find a company willing to talk to you about all of your options and you will feel comfortable with your decision and the price that you pay.


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